Radiation Metrology for Applications

Radiation Metrology for Applications

Accurate and reliable radiation measurements are a cornerstone of medical applications that use ionizing radiation. In particular in external beam radiotherapy technical advances in treatment equipment have led to a situation where the traditional measurement methods are no longer capable of providing reliable and accurate dose information. This may, and has, lead to a situation where the dose delivery to the tumor can be in error by such a large amount that threatens the tumor control or may lead to life-threatening complications if healthy tissues surrounding the target volume receive too large doses.

Accurate, reliable and fast methods that can be applied especially at radiotherapy clinics as well as in laboratory conditions to measure the absolute dose as well as three-dimensional dose distributions are needed. In the project new measurement methods are developed, focusing on

  • Real time position sensitive detectors for 3D measurements
  • Combining absolute dosimetry methods with 3D measurements

Authorities Safety, Security and Safeguards (3S) activities are designed to protect people, society, the environment and future generations from the detrimental effects of radiation. Radiation measurements are essential in all 3S domains and they are either done in-field or in laboratory. Both areas require continuous research and development. Improvements in detection technology can have big impacts to operational processes. Novel detection solutions are required, for example, due to diminishing personnel resources, ever changing operational environments and emerging new measurement needs. It is foreseen that various operational measurement activities will continue far into the future.

Low background laboratory measurement techniques are developed to improve environmental surveillance and measurement capability for emergency situations. This includes

  • Imaging and coincidence measurement techniques
  • Conversion electron and alpha spectrometry with novel detectors
  • Compton suppression techniques and anti-cosmic veto detectors

In-field measurements are improved by

  • Novel detector materials and detection concepts
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digitalization
  • Automatization
  • Big Data and Data Mining