Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)


The Board of the Helsinki Institute of Physics has nominated a Scientific Advisory Board for the Helsinki Institute of Physics. According to the rules of the Institute, the SAB consists of 6 – 10 members, who represent various fields of Institute activity. At least half of the members have to be from abroad.

The SAB evaluates the work carried out at the Institute and aids the Board in defining the directions of research.

In 2018 the SAB has following members:

Professor Angela Bracco, Milano and INFN

Professor Barbara Erazmus, CERN and CNRS

Professor Nigel Glover, Durham

Dr. Kalle Härkki, Outotec

Dr. Manfred Krammer, Physics Department, CERN

Professor Wolfram Weise, TU München

Professor Barbro Åsman, Stockholm