HIP-CERN Summer Student Application Form 2020

The deadline for the applications is 31.1.2020 (make sure your application is posted at the latest 31.1.2020, 23:59 UTC in order to be accepted).
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    01. Higgs physics at the LHC
    02. Jet physics at the LHC
    03. Silicon pixel detector characterization
    04. Research and development for instrumentation in nuclear and material physics at ISOLDE
    05. New physics searches with CMS/TOTEM at the LHC
    06. R & D of gas detectors
    07. CLIC module
    08. Experimental particle physics in ALICE I
    09. Experimental particle physics in ALICE II
    10. Mechanical engineering (Design, Materials, Production)
    11. Technology Programme, Academia-Industry Collaboration
    12. Open data in education
    13. Research at the synchrotron light source ESRF (www.esrf.eu)

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