The 20th Nordic String Meeting, Helsinki

Macroscopic open strings observed in Kumpula!

Kumpula Campus, October 27-28, 2005

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The latest entry in the line of Nordic meetings will take place in Helsinki in late October. The meeting will start on Thursday morning, so those not wanting to miss a single presentation should arrive already on Wednesday evening. The meeting will take place in lecture room A129 of the Chemicum building. (How to get to Kumpula and other helpful transportation links.)

The meeting will consist of lectures given by invited speakers, postdocs and graduate students. Invited speakers include:

Dario Martelli
Simon F. Ross
Konstantin Zarembo

We have reserved rooms in two hotels, more information on the subject will be found on the accommodation page. Nordita will cover (reasonable) accommodation expenses for Nordic students (after approval). The reimbursement procedure will be explained at a later date. The meeting is also sponsored by the Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP).

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