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The Helsinki Workshop on Quantum Gravity, 1-3 of June 2016, Helsinki, Finland

General information: The aim of the workshop is to introduce the research topic of quantum gravity in Finland and is especially tailored for graduate and PhD students. Topics and approaches to quantum gravity included in the workshop programme are: Canonical and covariant loop gravity, Group Field Theory, AdS/CFT correspondence, Causal Dynamical Triangulations, Causal Sets, Asymptotic Safety, black hole entropy and thermodynamics and the cosmological constant.

16.5. Registration is now over! Thank you for your interest in the workshop.

Map of the Kumpula campus

Accommodation: Participants that wish for discount concerning accommodation may use the code QG at the Ava hotel or the code qg_helsinki at Holiday Inn: Helsinki exhibition and convention center or hotel Cumulus Kallio. The requests should be sent to varaukset[AT]ava.fi for the Ava hotel, to helsinki.holidayinn[AT]restel.fi for Holiday Inn and to kallio.cumulus[AT]restel.fi for hotel Cumulus. All hotels are located relatively close to the campus.

For students of the university of Helsinki: Students of the university of Helsinki may apply for 1 credit regarding participation in the workshop.

Organizing committee: Esko Keski-Vakkuri, Antti Kupiainen, Miklos Långvik, Kari Rummukainen, Aleksi Vuorinen.

Workshop venue: Exactum room CK112, Kumpula campus, Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a, FI-00560 Helsinki.