October 25, 10:15 in E204   

Oleg Antipin (Odense)


Light dilaton

I will present the infrared dynamics of a nonsupersymmetric SU(X) gauge theory featuring an adjoint fermion, Nf Dirac flavors and an Higgs-like complex Nf x Nf scalar which is a gauge singlet. First, I establish the existence of an infrared stable perturbative fixed point and then investigate the spectrum near this point. I demonstrate that this theory naturally features a light scalar degree of freedom to be identified with the dilaton and elucidate its physical properties. The spectrum of the theory can be computed and I will demonstrate that at low energy the nonperturbative part of the spectrum of the theory is the one of pure supersymmetric Yang-Mills. Therefore the exact nonperturbative fermion condensate and relevant properties of the nonperturbative spectrum of the theory can be deduced. I will also show that the intrinsic scale of super Yang-Mills is exponentially smaller than the scale associated to the breaking of conformal and chiral symmetry of the theory. [1107.2932]