November 8, 10:15 in E204   

Matti Antola (Helsinki)


Supersymmetric Technicolor

In supersymmetric models scalars are naturally as light as the supersymmetry breaking scale. This explanation of the Higgs mass is minimal since one can use the same degrees of freedom to give mass to the electroweak gauge sector and to the matter fields. However, the large hadron collider has seen no trace of light superpartners and already beforehand one knew that the SUSY breaking sector must conserve flavor to a suprisingly high accuracy. In our model these facts are explained by increasing the SUSY breaking scale, and correspondingly the Higgs mass, to 10-100 TeV. The electroweak scale is instead explained as in technicolor - it is analogous to the QCD scale. The fundamental Higgses do not participate in electroweak symmetry breaking but simply act as messengers between the symmetry breaking sector and the quarks and leptons. I will present a specific realization of this idea, with the added interest that the supersymmetric technicolor sector is N=4 super-Yang-Mills.