June 21, 10:15 in E204 (Tuesday Seminar)   

Otto Kong (NCU, Taiwan)


A New Paradigm for Dynamical Symmetry Breaking with Supersymmetry

From the theoretical point of view, the scalar, Higgs, sector of the SM is unnatural and somewhat problematic, while the rest is close to perfection. It also hides the mystery of the EWSB. The situation is improved with supersymmetry, but not to our complete satisfaction. On the other hand, the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model provides a mechanism to have the Higgs arisen as a bi-fermion composite with the vacuum condensation giving the symmetry breaking. We will tell the story of a new supersymmetric version of the model that can give rise to the Higgs sector of the MSSM dynamically and outline its key features and phenomenological implications. Note that the old version, connected to a volume of famous publications on the related RGE and IQFP analyses around the early 1990s, is no long phenomenologically viable. The new model embodies a completely different way for dynamical symmetry breaking with (softly broken) supersymmetric models; even a new perspective for dynamical symmetry breaking in general.