October 21, 14:15 in A315   

Francesco Riva, (Barcelona University, Spain)


The Baryon Asymmetry from a Composite Higgs

Electroweak baryogenesis spontaneously generates a baryon asymmetry at LHC-accessible energies. However, this mechanism doesn't work in the Standard Model and, probably, not even in the MSSM. I'll discuss electroweak baryogenesis in the context of composite Higgs models, pointing out that the modifications in the mostly-composite Higgs and top quark sectors can play an important role in producing the baryon asymmetry. In particular, composite Higgs models can include a naturally light, gauge singlet scalar in the spectrum, providing all necessary ingredients for viable baryogenesis: the singlet leads to strongly first-order electroweak phase transition and introduces new sources of CP violation in dimension-five operators involving the top quark.