The High Energy/Cosmology Seminar


Fridays, 2:15 pm, HIP Lecture Room A315
Jan. 01. Riccardo Sturani: Higgs-graviscalar mixing in type I string theory
Feb. 01. Jussi Väliviita: Do we live in a flat universe?
Feb. 15. Asko Jokinen: Self-interacting dark matter
Mar. 08. Jarah Evslin: D-branes and K-theory
Mar. 15. Syksy Räsänen: Four and a half reasons why inflation cannot be a fundamental theory
Apr. 05. Martin S. Sloth: The Trans-Planckian Problem of Inflation and the Modified Uncertainty Principle
Apr. 12. Archil Kobakhidze: Unification in Higher Dimensions
Apr. 26. Rouzbeh Allahverdi: Heavy Particle Production From Inflaton Decay
May. 03. Antti Väihkönen: The Linde-Mukhanov model of inflation
May. 10. Janne Högdahl: CMB through gravitational lenses
May. 17. Vesa Muhonen: Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization
June. 7. Per Berglund: Dressing Naked Singularities with Nothing
June. 20. Debashis Ghoshal: PP Wave Background and Matrix String Theory (NOTICE: IT IS A THURSDAY!!)

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