24.01. Juha Peltoniemi: Supernova neutrinos and polarisation of matter
31.01. Kimmo Kainulainen: Neutrino jets from supernovae and pulsar velocities
07.02. Arttu Rajantie: Cosmological phase transitions in SU(5) models
21.02. Juha Peltoniemi: Neutrino propagation in matter
28.02. Per Elmfors (Stockholm): Chiral anomaly at high temperature
07.03. Jarkko Ahonen: Magnetic fields from bubbles collisions
21.03. Kai Puolamäki: Limits on the mass of the neutral Higgses in general models
04.04. Hannu Kurki-Suonio: Deuterium Abundance and Big bang nucleosynthesis
11.04. Jukka Nevalainen: A combined value of H0.
18.04. Jukka Maalampi: Neutrino lasers
25.04. Matts Roos: Dynamical parameters of the universe
16.05. Matts Roos: Cosmological parameters


19.09. Kimmo Kainulainen: Electroweak Baryogenesis in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
26.09. Mika Karjalainen: Finite temperature phase transitions in U(1)+Higgs theory.
03.10. Kimmo Kainulainen: Electroweak Baryogenesis in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
10.10. Elina Sihvola (IL): EW transition and nucleosynthesis
17.10. Matts Roos: Cosmological Parameters and Conflicts
24.10. Daniela Kirilova (University of Sofia): Cosmological Nucleosynthesis and Active-Sterile Neutrino Oscillations
31.10. Hannu Kurki-Suonio: Nucleosynthesis with Antimatter
07.11. John McDonald: Q-balls in SUSY models
14.11. Petteri Keränen: Active Galactic Nuclei and neutrinos
21.11. Kari Enqvist: Planck


23.01. Hannu Kurki-Suonio: Anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background: Sachs-Wolfe effect
30.01. Juha Peltoniemi: Results and implications of solar neutrino experiments
06.02. Arttu Rajantie: Vortices in Lattice U(1)+Higgs
27.02. Juha Peltoniemi: Neutrino Oscillation in Supernovae
06.03. Elina Sihvola: Review of the book 'Unsolved problems in astrophysics'
27.03. Keijo Kajantie (Cern): Thermodynamics of cosmic strings
03.04. Kari Enqvist: B-ball baryogenesis
17.04. Thomas Neuhaus: Explorative numerical study of string properties
08.05. Matts Roos, Jukka Nevalainen: Cepheid metallicity and Hubble constant


11.09. Elina Sihvola: Summary of Planck Workshop
25.09. Matts Roos: A dramatically new view of the Universe: the cosmological constant.
02.10. Juha Peltoniemi: Weird anomalies from neutrino mass measurements and their cosmological consequences
09.10. Ville Sipiläinen : On non-adiabatic level crossings of neutrinos in two generations
16.10. Thomas Neuhaus: Exploring Statistical Properties of Vortices in the Abelian Higgs Model
30.10. Antti Sorri: Neutrino Asymmetry from Oscillations
06.11. Keijo Kajantie: Superconductivity phenomena in the superhot early universe permeated by superstrong (hyper)magnetic fields
13.11. Tony Green: How to build a bridge with two heavy-light mesons.
11.12. Keijo Kajantie: Particle matter in equilibrium and close to it: report from the SEWM98 meeting


22.01. Petteri Keränen: Testing neutrino instability with Active Galactic Nuclei
05.02. Phillip Helbig (Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories) Observational Cosmology with the JVAS and CLASS Gravitational Lens Surveys
12.02. Jukka Maalampi: Why I like left-right models
19.02. Ville Sipiläinen: On the basics of neutrino oscillation in the framework of wave packets
12.03. Juha Peltoniemi: A report on Neutrino Telescopes Workshop
23.04. Ville Sipiläinen: Neutrino oscillations in matter in the wave packet approach.


28.01. First gathering. Janne Ignatius: The QCD phase transition in the inhomogeneous Universe
04.02. Antti Sorri: Recent developments in lepton asymmetry growth generated by neutrino oscillations in the early Universe
18.02. Anupam Mazumdar (Imperial College, UK): Non-perturbative production of gravitinos: a review
25.02. [No seminar. Planck LFI meeting, Saariselkä]
03.03. Hannu Kurki-Suonio: Cosmic microwave background and the nature of primordial perturbations
10.03. [No seminar. Finnish Physical Society meeting, Otaniemi]
17.03. Jukka Nevalainen (Observatory): Cosmological implications of X-ray analysis of galaxy clusters
31.03. [No seminar. Nordic project meeting, Copenhagen]
14.04. Kai Puolamäki: Gauged B-L symmetry and R-parity violation
21.04. [No seminar. Easter]
28.04. Tuomas Multamäki (Turku): Q-ball collisions in the minimal supersymmetric standard model
05.05. Sidney A. Bludman (DESY & U. Penn.): Neutrino transport in supernovae
12.05. Merab Gogberashvili (Tbilisi): Extended extra dimensions
19.05. [Conference COSMO-01: choosing the Local Organising Committee]
26.05. Jussi Väliviita: Recent balloon observations of the cosmic microwave background


22.09. Janne Ignatius: Conference Report: COSMO-2000 (4th international workshop on particle physics and early Universe), Cheju, South Korea, 4-8 September 2000
06.10. Syksy Räsänen: A short trip through the Randall-Sundrum fifth dimension
27.10. Mikko Sainio: What have low energy interactions with pions to do with dark matter?
10.11. S.M. Harun-or-Rashid: Dark matter observation in the black hole
01.12. Asko Jokinen: Introduction to Affleck-Dine mechanism and Q-balls
08.12. Anna Kalliomäki: Introduction to leptonic CP violation


09.02. Martin Sloth: Axion seeds from string cosmology.
16.02. Katri Huitu: Gaugino mediated supersymmetry breaking.
27.04. Juha Peltoniemi: Scientific prospects of underground physics.
11.05. Anupam Mazumdar: Recent progress in cosmology of large extra dimensions.
01.06. Antti Gynther: EW phase transition in a (hyper)magnetic field.
12.06. Esko Keski-Vakkuri: The Ekpyrotic Universe - an alternative to inflation?

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