1. Interested in joining?

Fill the letter of interest template and send the document to fbc(nospam)

2. The preliminary screening

The preliminary screening will evaluate suitability of the idea for the FBC program. If required FBC will then help find a CERN technical match in order to finalize your application.

3. Finalising the application

The application is finalised as necessary with the applicant and the connection to CERN technologies is established.

In detail

The evaluation process after application is finalized with the applicant is as follows:

The FBC Selection Board consisting of representatives from both HIP and CERN will convene as necessary. The Board will evaluate all the applications against the above eligibility criteria and advantages the idea would gain from the CERN connection. If necessary, the ideas are presented in person and the Board may ask for additional information considering the proposal. The board will then decide whether to accept the applicant in the FBC program.

Should the idea be approved by the Board, incubatee will need to sign an incubation contract.