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Program of the 2nd Finnish Geant4 Workshop

6.-7.6. 2005, Helsinki Institute of Physics, Gustaf Hälltröms street 2, Exactum lecture room C323

Monday 6.6.

Chairpersons: A. Heikkinen (morning), T. Lindén (afternoon).
Registration 08:30-
D-O. Riska Director, HIP Opening of the workshop 09:00 ppt
M. Asai, SLAC, Geant4 Introduction to Geant4 (part 1) - overview of its capability and applications 09:15 ppt
Coffee break 10:00
M. Asai Introduction to Geant4 (part 2) - geometry 10:30 ppt
D. Wright, SLAC, Geant4 Physics overview - Physics in general, concept of physics list, overview of EM and other physics processes 11:15 ppt, sxi
Lunch break 12:00
A. Heikkinen HIP, Geant4 Hadronics overview 13:30 ppt
J. Perl SLAC, Geant4 GUI and visualization overview 14:15 ppt, ppt
Coffee break 15:00
F. García, HIP Study of gas electron multiplier detector 15:30
A. Hektor, NICPB Distributed Geant4 simulations on NorduGrid 16:15 ppt
Open discussion 16:30-
Dinner at Tervasaaren Aitta 19:00-

Tuesday 7.6.

Chairpersons: F. García (morning), A. Heikkinen (afternoon).
D. Wright Geant4 examples - including demos 09:00 ppt, sxi
Coffee break 10:00
J. Perl GUI, Visualization and Geometry Editor Demos 10:30 ppt
A. Heikkinen Demonstration of Geant4 use with ROOT data analysis framework 11:30 Geant4 files
Lunch break 12:00
M. Asai More on Geant4 kernel 13:30 ppt
Coffee break 14:30
F. García Demonstration of the gas electron multiplier detector response for x-rays 15:00
Open discussion 15:30
A. Heikkinen Closing remarks 16:00-

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