The Helsinki Higgs Forum

14-16 December, Helsinki, Finland





The aim of the Forum is to bring together Higgs physics experts representing its different facets: phenomenology, cosmology and experiment, and create a productive atmosphere for exchange of ideas across the fields.
The Forum is also expected to engage local students and staff providing them with the state of the art in Higgs physics. The format of the meeting assumes plenary talks only as well as a young scientist forum.


Invited speakers include:

Abdelhak Djouadi (Orsay)
Stefano Moretti (Southampton)
Marieke Postma (NIKHEF)
Sven-Olaf Moch (Hamburg)
Martti Raidal (Tallinn)
Christophe Grojean (DESY)
Gustavo Branco (Lisbon)
Miha Nemevšek (Ljubljana)
Arttu Rajantie (IC London)
Maria Krawczyk (Warsaw)
Arthur Hebecker (Heidelberg)
Graham Ross (Oxford)
Kimmo Kainulainen (Jyväskylä)
Valya Khoze (Durham)
Zygmunt Lalak (Warsaw)
Howard Haber (Santa Cruz)
Bernd Kniehl (Hamburg)
Per Osland (Bergen)
José Espinosa (Barcelona)

The Forum will take place in Physicum building, Kumpula campus of the University of Helsinki.
Two lecture halls, E204 and E207, will be used.

Transportation information can be found at this link.


Evening reception

On Wednesday, December 14th, there will be an evening reception at the University main building starting at 18:30.
Room: Lehtisali. Address: Unioninkatu 34, Helsinki.


The main accommodation facility for the participants is Töölö Towers
To book, please send a request to Taina Harden



Eduroam and HUPnet are available. Töölö Towers residents receive HUPnet login information at the check-in.


Finding a restaurant is easiest with the following website, although not all existing restaurants are marked on the map:
Restaurants in Helsinki
Lunch options

Organizing committee

Oleg Lebedev (chair), Katri Huitu (vice chair), Paula Eerola, Kari Enqvist