Nuclear structure for weak and astrophysical processes

- Archived Project

This project aims to advance current nuclear-physics input to processes relevant to various tests of the weak interaction and astrophysical scenarios. The project will address these research topics in close collaboration with local FIDIPRO and nuclear theory groups at University of Jyväskylä, and with many collaborators abroad.

The project focuses on

  • Neutrino-nucleus scattering rates
  • Nuclear structure calculations for tests of the CKM-matrix unitarity
  • Determination of neutrinoless double-beta-decay nuclear matrix element
  • Calculations for beta-decay rates for r-process nuclei
  • Calculations of the electromagnetic response for r-process nuclei
  • Improvement of current nuclear energy density functional models and symmetry restoration schemes
  • Qualification of theoretical uncertainties

Project leader: Markus Kortelainen (markus.kortelainen (at) jyu.fi)