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From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the Hotel Seurahuone

From Hotel Seurahuone to Physicum (Friday session)

Tram stop is in front of the hotel. Tram #6 towards Arabia* comes close to the meeting venue, Physicum building (see map). Single tram ticket is 2.50€ (Tram ticket from ticket machine 1.80€).
For the walk from the tram stop to Physicum Building check this map, using the markings of the map:

  1. from the tram stop A cross the street to G,
  2. cross the four-lane street to H,
  3. climb the hill and enter the Physicum building on your left from the north side main entrance (marked "Sisäänkäynti" or "Tiedekirjasto" in the maps, for google street view see here).

The trip takes approximately: tram 20 min, walk 10 min.

From Hotel Seurahuone to Runeberg auditorium (Saturday session)

The walk takes approximately 10 min (see directions here).

Taxi/Cab rates

Basic rate: Monday to Saturday 06:00-20:00 5.30 at other times 8.30.
In addition 1.39€/km for 1-2 person.

Uselful links

Helsinki-Vantaa airport
Helsinki City Transport

*) Coming out from the hotel, on the same side of the tracks than the hotel is. The tram is marked with number 6 and text "Arabia".

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