HIP NEWS August 19th 2013

HIP NEWS August 19th 2013

Invitation, 175th Anniversary Symposium
On 2-4 September 2013 the cross-disciplinary symposium “Randomness and order in the exact sciences” will take place in Säätytalo, Helsinki. The symposium is part of the 175th Anniversary of the Finnish Society of Science and Letters. Young researchers are especially welcome. Due to the limited size of the auditorium participants are asked to register using the form available at the website of the symposium, http://www.helsinki.fi/~hoyer/symp13/index.html . There is no registration fee.

With our best regards,
Paul Hoyer
Stig-Olof Londén
Heikki Tenhu
Mia von Knorring (secr.)

EDS 2013 in Saariselkä, September 9-13, 2013
Details and registration in

Fall 2013 PhD school, “Supersymmetry or not, what is the evidence?”
Dear all

this year we organize a particle/astro PhD school , sponsored by Dark/
Discovery/NBI , on supersymmetry

Date: October 28-November 1st

Location: Rockefeller building, Copenhagen

The two teachers will be Pascal Pralavorio (particle physicist) and
Dan Hooper (astrophysicist). They have taught similar subjects at SLAC
summer institute and other international schools in the recent past.

This PhD school promises to be quite interesting.

Registration is now open, for any questions please contact me,

Hope to see many of you there,


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