HIP NEWS October 28th 2013

HIP NEWS October 28th 2013

Tuesday 29 October 2013 at 10.15 in A315
Kimmo Tuominen (Helsinki)
Beyond the Standard Model

Abstract: The existence of the Higgs mechanism and the associated scalar particle has been firmly established by LHC experiments. While the Standard Model (SM) of elementary particle interactions provides an excellent parametrisation of LHC data, the need for physics beyond SM remains as serious as ever: for example the origin of the weak scale and fermion masses, the dark matter abundance and the matter-antimatter asymmetry remain unexplained. Aspects of these issues are discussed in this talk with concrete and testable model examples.

Thursday 31 October 2013 at 10.15 in A315
Chris Kouvaris (CP3, Odense)
The dark side of Stars

Abstract: I will talk about how compact stars such as white dwarfs and neutron stars can impose constraints on properties of dark matter models. Dark matter accumulation into neutron stars can change the thermal evolution of the star due to dark matter annihilation taking place inside the star. In the case of asymmetric dark matter, WIMP accumulation might lead under certain conditions to the formation of a black hole that can potentially destroy the star, thus imposing constraints on several models of dark matter.

Oct 30 (Wed), 14:15 in A315
Alexey Golovnev (Saint-Petersburg)
ADM analysis of massive and bimetric gravity models and the problem of ghosts.

Abstract: We review the ADM analysis of massive gravity and bigravity models, with emphasis on avoidance of Boulware-Deser-ghost-like excitations. The models of dRGT type and a version of bimetric variational principle are discussed in detail. Multimetric models and vielbein formalism are also mentioned.

Fall 2013 PhD school, “Supersymmetry or not, what is the evidence?”
A particle/astro PhD school, Copenhagen
on supersymmetry, October 28-November 1st


A. Golovnev 24.10. – 6.11. (KE)
M. Hindmarsh 30.10.-1.11. (KR)
S. Huber 30.10.-1.11. (KR)
S. Niyogi 15.9.-15.12 (KH)

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