HIP NEWS April 28th 2014

HIP NEWS April 28th 2014

Monday 28.4. 14.15 (A128, Chemicum)
Steven Hoekstra
Assistant Professor – Tenure track
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands

“Precision tests of particle physics with cold molecules”
In recent years a number of experiments have demonstrated the sensitivity of
particular diatomic molecules to test particle physics theories, that allow for
example for a non-zero electric-dipole moment of the electron. In this talk I
will present why such molecules are ideal test-beds to test fundamental physics
theories, and how the methods we work on to create cold samples of molecules
might lead to the next generation of spectroscopic precision tests.


P. Dendooven 12.5. – 14.5. (PE, JÄ)
M. Hindmarsh 22.4. – 15.6. (KR)
N. Hopkins 28.4. – 23.5. (KR)
D. Mulryne 16.4. – 16.5. (SN)

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