HIP NEWS December 8th 2014

HIP NEWS December 8th 2014

In the Independence Day honors roll of the President of the Republic
Mrs Riitta Rinta-Filppula (MSc), HIP pedagogical expert at CERN, receives the Knights cross of the Order of the Lion of Finland and Dr. Martti Pimiä, senior physicist emeritus of CERN, receives the Knights cross of the Order of the White Rose.

AID forum: Syksy Räsänen & Antti Ripatti & Heikki Järvinen on Predictive Ambitions and Failures, Mon 8 Dec, 16-18
TIME: Monday 8 December, 16-18.
PLACE: Metsätalo/Forest Building, Unioninkatu 40, room 6, 3rd floor.
For the very idea and the programme, check www.helsinki.fi/tint/aid.htm.

Tuesday 9 December 2014 at 10.15 in A315
Christian Gross (Helsinki)
SUSY GUT models with non-Abelian flavour symmetry

Abstract: I will discuss supersymmetric SU(5) GUTs with a non-Abelian flavor symmetry group A_4. After spontaneous flavor symmetry breaking the models give rise to the observed fermion masses, mixing angles and the quark CP phase. In addition one obtains various interesting predictions, in particular for the neutrino sector. I will also comment on the SUSY flavor and CP problems in these models.

Wednesday 10 December at 14:15 in A315
Drazen Glavan (University of Utrecht)
Late-time quantum backreaction of a non-minimally coupled massless scalar

Quantum fluctuations of the field contribute to its energy-momentum tensor. This contribution (backreaction) should source the Einstein equations. For fields living on time-dependent backgrounds, such as FLRW, this contribution to the energy-momentum tensor can exhibit secular behavior – its magnitude can grow in time. Given enough time, in certain cases, it can grow large enough to considerably alter the classical dynamics of the expansion of the Universe. I will present a model of a non-minimally coupled scalar field whose inflationary quantum fluctuations are evolved throughout the history of the Universe, from inflation to radiation and matter dominated eras. The energy-momentum tensor of these fluctuations is calculated in each era. For certain range of non-minimal coupling the backreaction remains small throughout the history and in late matter era exhibits interesting transient phenomena where it grows large and could affect the expansion considerably, similar to the effect of Dark Energy. The talk is based on two papers: arXiv:1308.5954, arXiv:1408.4705

Experimental particle physics (tenure track)

Space physics (tenure track)

Experimental Aerosol physics (tenure track)

Senior lecturer positions open in Jyväskylä:
Senior lecturer in theoretical particle physics, in the field of ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions:

Senior lecturer in cosmology:

D. Glavan 9.12. – 11.12. (KE, SN)
U. Maitra 15.11. – 23.12. (KH)

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