HIP NEWS March 2nd 2015

HIP NEWS March 2nd 2015

Wednesday 4 March 2015 at 16.00 (note time!) in A315
Matti Kalliokoski (CERN)
Beam Loss Monitoring and Machine Protection of the LHC for Run 2

Abstract: During Long Shutdown 1 (LS1) a series of modifications and updates to the LHC was made. These were done to allow the accelerator to reach 7 TeV and to improve the machine safety. One main part of the machine protection of the LHC is the Beam Loss Monitoring system (BLM). It consists of about 4000 monitors that have the task to prevent the superconducting magnets from quenching and protect the machine components from damage, as a result of critical beam losses. In this talk, modifications to the LHC Beam Instrumentation during the LS1, especially to the BLM system, are discussed.

Wednesday 4 March at 14:15 in A315
David Alonso (University of Oxford)
The challenges of HI Intensity Mapping

Abstract: In the last years a novel observational technique in radio astronomy, labelled “Intensity mapping”, has gained relevance as a potentially very efficient cosmological tool due to its ability to map the density field on large scales over huge volumes. In this talk I will briefly review the current status of intensity mapping both regarding current observations and forecasts for future experiments. In particular I will focus on some of the practical challenges that intensity mapping must tackle before it can become a competitive observational technique.

Now open for applications: travel grants for doctoral students
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D. Alonso 1.3. – 5.3. (KE,SN)

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