HIP NEWS May 4th 2015

HIP NEWS May 4th 2015

Wednesday 6 May at 14:15 in A315
Chiara Caprini (CEA, Saclay)
Cosmology with gravitational wave detection

Abstract: Gravitational waves can constitute a unique probe of the primordial universe. In many cases, the characteristic frequency of the emitted GW is directly related to the energy scale at which the GW source is operating: consequently, different GW detectors can probe different energy scales in the evolution of the universe. After a general introduction to the subject, this seminar reviews some of the principal cosmological sources of a stochastic background of GW and discuss detection prospects.

The 2015 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics
The 2015 European School of High-Energy Physics will take place in
Bansko, Bulgaria, 2 – 15 September 2015

The deadline for applications is 8 May 2015.
Further details are available here:

Watch online! Campus well-being event: Workplace free of harassment
Faculty of Science held a Campus well-being event under the theme Workplace free of harassment. You can view the event online at: http://video.helsinki.fi/Arkisto/flash.php?id=20442.

C. Caprini 5.5. – 7.5. (MH,SN,KE)
M. Hindmarsh 19.4. – 14.6. (KR)
N. Hopkins 4.5. – 29.5. (KR)

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