HIP NEWS September 14th 2015

HIP NEWS September 14th 2015

Wednesday 16 September 2015 at14:15 in A315
Seshadri Nadathur (Helsinki)
The nature of voids: simulations, theory, and use in cosmology

Abstract: Cosmic voids are an exciting tool which can potentially be used to test a number of different cosmological scenarios, including structure formation, dark energy and modified gravity. Yet voids are not well understood. I will discuss the general properties of voids in simulations show that they do not match the predictions of the standard theoretical model of voids based on the excursion set formalism. I will discuss the reasons for this discrepancy and argue that it points to the need for simulation-based calibration of void properties for comparison with observation. I discuss the dependence of void properties on those of the galaxies in which they are found, and identify some universal properties which are independent of these details. In particular I will focus on how voids trace maxima of the gravitational potential field, and the implications of this for lensing and ISW studies.

Fortcoming training for employees
Welcome to the University 30.09.2015 at 08:45 – 14:00
The course is targeted for all new international employees of the University of Helsinki.
Last sign-up date: 20.9.2015

Sign up in http://www.helsinki.fi/trainingcalendar ( Staff Training Calendar HENKKA)

Väisälä Foundation grants
are open for applications until Sep. 28th., see www.acadsci.fi/scholarships.htm

Y.C. Ong 7.9. – 14.9. (MC)

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