HIP NEWS May 23rd 2016

HIP NEWS May 23rd 2016

Wednesday 25 May 2016 at 14.15 in room A315
Enea Di Dio (OATS Trieste)
Relativistic effects on LSS spectrum and bispectrum

Abstract: I will discuss the Large Scale Structure spectrum and bispectrum in a relativistic framework. To first order, a relativistic description includes terms beyond the Kaiser approximation (doppler effects and galaxy evolution), gravitational potentials and integrated terms (cosmic magnification, integrated Sachs-Wolfe and Shapiro time-delay). These terms are currently neglected, but they might play a role in future surveys which probe larger scales. I will show how they can be isolated by correlating different probes, or by using the so-called multi-tracer technique. Moreover, some relativistic effects could give a non-negligible contribution to the LSS observables, hence, by neglecting them, the analysis may lead to biased cosmological parameters.

Finnish for international personnel, summer 2016
The summer 2016 course programme is available at helsinki.fi/finnishcourses

Upcoming Events: Nuclear Science and Technology Symposium – NST2016
The Finnish Nuclear Society (FNS) organizes the Nuclear Science and
Technology Symposium – NST2016 on November 2-3, 2016 in Helsinki. The
symposium gathers together research, industry and authority
representatives from Finland and abroad for scientific talks and
industry presentations. The FNS 50-year anniversary dinner and lectures
for the general public are held in connection with the symposium. For
details see the webpage http://www.ats-fns.fi/en/nst2016.

E. Di Dio 22.5. – 27.5. (FM)
B.S. DiNunno 1.6. – 3.7. (NJ)
M. Hindmarsh 29.4. – 12.6. (KR)
A. Lopez 29.4. – 13.6. (MH, KR)
J. Mohr 26.5. (H.K-S)
J. Pedraza 1.6. – 7.6. (NJ)

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