HIP NEWS October 3rd 2016

HIP NEWS October 3rd 2016

Wednesday 5 October 2016 at 14.15 in A315
Fedor Bezrukov (Manchester)

Flamma: Staff training support for teaching and research staff
Training will give you some useful tools for how to convince people orally, funding committees and your colleagues etc. You will have new ideas of how to build trust quickly with new contacts inside and outside Academia.
Registration available in Staff Training Calendar Henkka.
www.helsinki.fi/trainingcalendar or in Finnish www.helsinki.fi/henkilostokoulutuskalenteri

F. Bezrukov 30.9. – 5.10. (FM)
C. Hoyos 17.10. – 21.10. (AV)
D. Rodriquez 17.10. – 21.10. (AV,NJ)

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