HIP NEWS November 28th 2016

HIP NEWS November 28th 2016

Tuesday 29 November 2016 at 10.15 in A315
Viljami Leino (Helsinki)
The gradient flow running coupling in SU(2)

Abstract: For SU(N) gauge field theories coupled to fermions, there exists a range in the number of fermion flavors where the beta-function has a non-trivial zero in the infrared (IRFP, infrared fixed point). These conformal theories have applications in beyond the standard model physics. We discuss our recent results on SU(2) gauge teory with 6 and 8 massless fundamental representation Dirac fermions. They are seen to feature an IRFP.

Wednesday 30 November 2016 at 14.15 in A315
Nelson Christensen (Carleton College; LIGO Collaboration)
Searching for the stochastic gravitational-wave background with Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo, and then with LISA

Abstract: Observations by Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo in the coming years will allow for important limits to be set on on the strength of a stochastic gravitational-wave background; a detection may happen as well. Sources for the stochastic gravitational-wave background could be cosmologically or astrophysically produced. The implications of the recent observations of GW150914 and GW151226 indicate that a stochastic background produced from the superposition of binary black hole mergers throughout the history of the universe may be detectable by LIGO and Virgo in the coming years. Presented will be a summary of the current LIGO-Virgo search for such a stochastic background using data from the first observing run, and what implications those results will have on different models.The projected sensitivities of future observation runs with Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo will also be given. LISA will be a spaced based gravitational wave detector; LISA’s goals for observing a stochastic gravitational-wave background will be discussed. Finally, information on how the stochastic background searches by ground-based detectors and LISA can complement one another will be presented.

Helsinki Higgs Forum, 14-16 December 2016, Physicum, Kumpula campus
The aim of the Forum is to bring together Higgs physics experts representing its different facets: phenomenology, cosmology and experiment, and create a productive atmosphere for exchange of ideas across the fields.
The Forum is also expected to engage local students and staff providing them with the state of the art in Higgs physics. The format of the meeting assumes plenary talks only as well as a young scientist forum.

Registration is open.
Further information and registration at: http://www.hip.fifi/hhf

The organizing committee
Oleg Lebedev, Katri Huitu, Paula Eerola, Kari Enqvist.

Open positions
The Department of Physics invites applications for a professor or assistant/associate professor.
The deadline for applications is 30 November, 2016.
The details can be found in https://www.helsinki.fi/en/open-positions/professor-assistant-professor-experimental-particle-physics

Postdoc position in thermal QCD in HIP/Department of Physics, University of Helsinki.
The deadline for applications is 14 December 2016.
The details can be found in http://hep.physics.helsinki.fi/postdoc-position-in-thermal-qcd/

N. Christensen 28.11. – 1.12. (FM)
P. Dendooven 7.11. – 9.12.
Y. Ema 27.11. – 24.12. (OL)
S. Waeber 28.11. – 3.12. (AV)

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