HIP NEWS December 12th 2016

HIP NEWS December 12th 2016

Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 10.15 in A315
Thorben Graf (Nantes)
Quark mass effects in perturbative thermodynamics

Abstract: Results for several thermodynamic quantities within the next-to-leading order calculation of the thermodynamic potential in perturbative QCD at finite temperature and chemical potential including non-vanishing quark masses are presented. These results are compared to lattice data and to higher-order optimized perturbative calculations to investigate the trend brought about by mass corrections.

Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 14.15 in A315
Howard Haber (Santa Cruz)
Extended Higgs sectors and the alignment limit

Abstract: After the discovery of the first elementary scalar particle–the Higgs boson–it is natural to wonder if additional elementary scalar particles exist in nature. Indeed, given the multiplicity of fermions and vector bosons that make up the Standard Model of particle physics, it would be somewhat surprising if the Higgs sector was of a minimal form, as posited by the Standard Model (SM). However, the current Higgs data suggest that the properties of the observed Higgs boson are very close to those expected in the Standard Model. In this talk, I discuss the required properties of an extended Higgs sector such that one Higgs scalar is approximately SM-like. This can be achieved if one of the scalar mass-eigenstates is nearly aligned in field space with the scalar vacuum expectation value (the so-called alignment limit). Implications of the alignment limit for a variety of Higgs sectors, including supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model, are examined, and some of the phenomenological implications are considered.

Helsinki Higgs Forum, 14-16 December 2016, Physicum, Kumpula campus
The aim of the Forum is to bring together Higgs physics experts representing its different facets: phenomenology, cosmology and experiment, and create a productive atmosphere for exchange of ideas across the fields.
The Forum is also expected to engage local students and staff providing them with the state of the art in Higgs physics. The format of the meeting assumes plenary talks only as well as a young scientist forum.

The Helsinki Higgs Forum

The organizing committee
Oleg Lebedev, Katri Huitu, Paula Eerola, Kari Enqvist.

Funding opportunities
The Foundations’ Post Doc Pool.
The pool grants are intended only for sending researchers abroad from Finland. The pool grants are not intended for subsidizing researchers’ mobility from other countries to Finland.
The Spring application round will be open from 15 Dec 2016 until 15 Jan 2017

Open position
Postdoc position in thermal QCD in HIP/Department of Physics, University of Helsinki.
The deadline for applications is 14 December 2016.
The details can be found in http://hep.physics.helsinki.fi/postdoc-position-in-thermal-qcd/

Y. Ema 27.11. – 24.12. (OL)
T. Graf 11.12. – 14.12. (AV)
M. Hindmarsh 7.12. – 18.12. (KR)
C. Kouvaris 15.12. – 16.12. (KT

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