HIP NEWS February 20th 2017

HIP NEWS February 20th 2017


Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 10.15 in A315
Anupam Mazumdar (Lancaster)
Infinite derivative ghost free and singularity free theory of gravity

Abstract: I will discuss how to construct ghost free and singularity free theory of gravity which can also ameliorate quantum aspects of ultraviolet gravity.


Wednesday 22 February 2017 at 14.15 in A315
22.02.2017 Ruth Durrer (University of Geneva)


Thursday 23 February 2017 at 10.15 in A315
Jorma Louko (Nottingham)
Waiting for Unruh

Abstract: How long does a uniformly accelerated observer need to interact with a quantum field in order to record thermality in the Unruh temperature? In the limit of large excitation energy, the answer turns out to be sensitive to whether (i) the switch-on and switch-off periods are stretched proportionally to the total interaction time T, or whether (ii) T grows by stretching a plateau in which the interaction remains at constant strength but keeping the switch-on and switch-off intervals of fixed duration. For a pointlike Unruh-DeWitt detector, coupled linearly to a massless scalar field in four spacetime dimensions and treated within first order perturbation theory, we show that letting T grow polynomially in the detector’s energy gap E suffices in case (i) but not in case (ii), under mild technical conditions. These results limit the utility of the large E regime as a probe of thermality in time-dependent versions of the Hawking and Unruh effects, such as an observer falling into a radiating black hole. They may also have implications on the design of prospective experimental tests of the Unruh effect. Based on arXiv:1605.01316.



Professor Paula Eerola will receive Lappeenranta University of Technology’s (LUT) honorary doctorate in technology. LUT’s new honorary doctors include also other notable figures. The conferment ceremony will be held in Lappeenranta on June 2017.



University’s own funding: Grants for three-year research projects for 2018-2020 / application period February 14-28, 2017

The application period for grants for three-year research projects for funding period 2018-2020 began on 14 February 2017. More information and application instructions here: https://flamma.helsinki.fi/en/HY360971

The dead line for letters of intent is Tuesday, 28 February 2017 at 3:00 pm.

Nina Saris, PhD
Senior Adviser in Research Administration



Researchers / Research funding / Tekes

New knowledge and business from research ideas – call for research funding applications 1/2017
Through the “New knowledge and business from research ideas” application process, Tekes funds projects in which a project team is preparing to commercialise a research idea. Tekes funding will constitute 70% of the eligible costs.

Application period: Thu 15.12.2016 – Thu 09.03.2017

Online services https://www.tekes.fi/en/online-services/
More information https://www.tekes.fi/en/whats-going-on/application-schedules-2017/new-knowledge-and-business-from-research-ideas–call-for-research-funding-applications-12017/


Tekes / New business from digitalization

Call for applications aimed at research organisations and companies – New business from digitalization.
Application period: Tue 17.01.2017 – Thu 30.03.2017

This call is directed at joint projects between companies and research organisations, as well as multidisciplinary, networked projects between research organisations and the business community, grouped around the theme of digitalisation. The aim is to speed up the efficient utilisation of new knowledge and thereby boost the competitiveness of Finnish industry.




Barreira 28.2. – 3.3. (FM)
N Brambilla 26.2. – 28.2. (AV)
Dendooven 7.2. – 7.4.
Durrer 22.2. – 23.2. (FM)
Louko 22.2. – 27.2. (E K-V, KJ)
Mazumdar 21.2. – 23.2. (FM)
A. Vairo 26.2. – 28.2. (AV)

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