HIP NEWS March 6th 2017

HIP NEWS March 6th 2017

Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 14.15 in A315
Tommi Tenkanen (Queen Mary U. London)
The many faces of the inflaton field.

Abstract: The minimal requirements for every inflationary model are that the inflaton field gives a long enough period of exponential expansion and subsequently reheats the universe, so that thermal equilibrium is attained prior to the Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. But could the inflaton be responsible for something else as well, namely the generation of dark matter or the electroweak phase transition? As a representative model example, we study these aspects in a scenario where the inflaton is a real singlet scalar. Requiring the model to describe inflation successfully, be compatible with the LHC data, and yield a) the correct dark matter abundance or b) a strong first order electroweak phase transition, we identify the regions of the parameter space where the model is viable.

New bilateral funding program for scientific cooperation between France and Finland
the Institut Français in Helsinki, the Embassy of France in Finland and the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research have partnered with the Finnish Society for Science and Letters and the Finnish Academy for Science and Letters in Finland to launch a new seed funding program to initiate and strengthen bilateral cooperation in science, innovation and higher education in fields of excellence.

Application deadline: March, 31st 2017

More information and applications here: http://www.france.fi/uncategorized/events/science-and-universities/new-bilateral-funding-program-for-scientific-cooperation-between-france-and-finland/?lang=en

Researchers / Research funding / Tekes
New knowledge and business from research ideas – call for research funding applications 1/2017

Through the “New knowledge and business from research ideas” application process, Tekes funds projects in which a project team is preparing to commercialise a research idea. Tekes funding will constitute 70% of the eligible costs.

Application period: Thu 15.12.2016 – Thu 09.03.2017

Online services https://www.tekes.fi/en/online-services/

More information https://www.tekes.fi/en/whats-going-on/application-schedules-2017/new-knowledge-and-business-from-research-ideas–call-for-research-funding-applications-12017/

The Maikki Friberg equality award: Suggest a candidate
The Maikki Friberg Award is granted annually for notable work towards the promotion of equality at the University of Helsinki. All members of the University community may suggest a candidate. Communities and units may also propose themselves for the award.

Submit your suggestions by 10th March 2017.

Instructions can be found in flamma https://flamma.helsinki.fi/en/HY360853

Experiencing Finland Event
Aalto University and University of Helsinki invite the newly arrived international staff and their family members to the next Experiencing Finland event. The event is an opportunity to get some practical hints about forthcoming spring and summer, Finnish people and Finland.
More information: https://flamma.helsinki.fi/fi/HY362037

P. Dendooven 7.2. – 7.4.
N. Haquel 12.3. – 14.3. (AV)
B. Oblak 19.3. – 26.3. (NJ)
T. Tenkanen 3.3. – 10.3. (FM).
T. Tram 27.3. – 30.3. (FM)
Y. Zhu 21.3. – 25.3. (AV)

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