For three decades the Detector Laboratory has provided premises, equipment and expertise for physics-driven research projects starting from the DELPHI experiment at CERN during 80’s. The interests have varied from fundamental particle physics experiments to space applications. Along with the projects the personnel in the laboratory has gathered strong know-how in microstructures and detector R&D, testing and assembly.

Lately, Detector Laboratory supported several large physics driven projects, for example the manufacture of 250 silicon pixel detector modules for the CERN CMS Tracker Phase I Upgrade; the quality control of 360 large-size GEM (Gas Electron Multiplier) foils for the readout of the CERN ALICE TPC (Time Projection Chamber); the manufacture of 40 GEM detectors for the CERN TOTEM T2 telescope; the assembly of 700 Silicon Strip Detector (SSD) modules for the CERN ALICE experiment; and the construction of 700 mechanical support structures for the CERN CMS Tracker.