CMS Upgrade project

The HIP CMS Upgrade project is responsible of the Finnish hardware contribution to the CMS experiment. long-term R&D is focusing on the development of radiation hard silicon strip and pixel particle detectors for the future high luminosity HEP experiments.

TOTEM project

The TOTEM project is responsible for coordinating the Finnish participation to the TOTEM experiment and the CMS Proton Precision Spectrometer (PPS). The TOTEM experiment focuses on elastic scattering, total cross-section and diffraction. The PPS studies high-mass central exclusive processes in standard high luminosity running.

MoEDAL Experiment

MoEDAL is an experiment designed to search for highly ionizing avatars of new physics such as magnetic monopoles or massive (pseudo-)stable charged particles.

NuSTAR Experiment

The research interest of the NUSTAR collaboration at FAIR is focused on the use of beams of radioactive species separated and identified by the Superconducting FRagment Separator (Super-FRS).