Nuclear Matter Programme

Nuclear Matter Programme at HIP was established in the beginning of 2002 in recognition of our long-term involvement in CERN based research. We are interested in the study of nuclear matter at the both extremes of the energy scale. In the keV range we have been revealing nuclear structure using ISOLDE facilities and for the highest energies ALICE experiment is operating at the new LHC collider since 2009.

ALICE is the one of LHC experiments dedicated to the heavy ion physics. It takes the data both from the proton-proton and from the lead-lead collisions. Our contribution to ALICE is centered on the innermost parts of the detector: the Inner Tracking System (ITS),T0 – the timing and trigger detector and Electro Magnetic Calorimeter Trigger Units. In addition to detector construction we have interests in the theoretical and phenomenological studies of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions.

Research at the PS-Booster ISOLDE focuses on studies of exotic nuclei far from the valley of beta-stability employing radioactive ion beams. This research includes nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics and fundamental symmetries and interactions. Examples of these studies are the experiments on the validity of standard shell model for very neutron-rich nuclei, on the rapid proton capture in energetic stellar scenarios and the search for the violation of the standard model in the low-energy leptonic sector.


Program Director  Ari Jokinen <ari.jokinen at>

Project Leaders

ALICE  Sami Räsänen <sami.s.rasanen at>
ISOLDE  Janne Pakarinen <janne.pakarinen at>
FAIR  Tuomas Grahn <tuomas.grahn at>