FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) is an international fundamental research collaboration that consists of four major experiments, APPA, CBM, NuSTAR and PANDA, which are often referred as “the four pillars” of FAIR. They cover a wide range of hierarchical levels of the structure of matter, from plasmas and atoms to nuclear and subnuclear configuration. The experiments will be served by common synchrotron accelerator facilities that are currently being build in Darmstadt, Germany. The infrastructure of GSI (Gesellschaft für Schwerionforschnung) research facility will be utilised in the realisation of FAIR. The unique feature of FAIR is the high intensity of the heavy ion beams provided by the accelerator facilities, which makes the experiments complementary to those that can take place in CERN. Financially FAIR is organised as a limited company (GmbH), whose shares are owned by research funding agencies of participating countries. Finland is a member (shareholder) of FAIR.

Civil construction of FAIR will start in 2017 and the Phase-0 experimental programme in 2018 using the upgraded GSI facilities.

FAIR in Physics Today

Presentations of the FAIR mini-workshop held in Jyväskylä 26 Nov. 2015
Project Leader Tuomas Grahn <tuomas.grahn at jyu.fi>