The HISPEC/DESPEC experiments of the NUSTAR collaboration will address the nuclear structure, reaction and astrophysics questions trough high-resolution nuclear spectroscopy. HISPEC/DESPEC exploits fast, slowed down and stopped rare-ion beams from Super-FRS. The experimental set-up consist of gamma-ray, neutron and charged-particle detectors situated at the low-energy branch of the Super-FRS. Spectrometers such as AGATA, LYCCA and AIDA will be available. More detailed information of HISPEC/DESPEC can be found here.

Preparatory PRESPEC experiments for HISPEC/DESPEC have been run in 2014 at Fragment Separator (FRS) at GSI using the AGATA gamma-ray spectrometer combined with the LYCCA calorimeter. The “phase-0” experiments start in 2017 at GSI. These experiments will exploit the GSI facilities and already constructed HISPEC/DESPEC spectrometers.


PRESPEC setup at GSI on November 2012