Super-FRS Beam Tracking concept

Super-FRS beam tracking is a major Finnish in-kind contribution to FAIR. Super-FRS beam tracking contribution includes Gas Emission-Time Projection Chambers (GEM-TPC), Secondary Emission grid detectors (SEM-grid), Multi-Sampling Ionization Chambers (MUSICs) and drive ladders to operate both detector types. Together with the time-of-flight measurements these should provide unambiguous event-by-event particle identification.

GEM-TPC detectors

Gas Emission-Time Projection Chamber detector is used for measurement of  (x,y,z) position of slow extracted beam on the event-by-event basis. It should have near 100% tracking efficiency and stand counting rates up to 10 MHz.

More detailed information can be read from the following publications:

Prototype GEM-TPC detector.

SEM-grid detectors

Secondary electron EMission grid detector is used for beam profile measurement of high intensity beam.

Drive Ladders

Drive Ladders or actuators are used to operate both the GEM-TPC detectors and SEM Grid detectors. These will insert the detectors in beam when in operation and if required out from the beam axis.