Current group members

Markus Aicheler, Ph.D.

Group leader

Jukka Väinölä, M.Sc.(Tech.)

PhD Student
Project: CLIC

Risto Montonen, M.Sc.

PhD Student
Project: CLIC “Development of a non-destructive method with micron precision to measure the internal shape of the CLIC accelerating structure disk stack using Fourier Domain Short Coherence Interferometry (FDSCI).”

Antti Meriläinen, M.Sc.

PhD Student
Project: CLIC “Development of a rapid ultralow pressure manometer to dynamically measure the outgassing from a RF loaded structure during one RF pulse”

Axi Holmström, M.Sc.

PhD Student
Project: “Thermoaccoustic refrigeration of a silicon chip in vacuum for CERN’s rest-gas ionisation monitor”

Anastasiya Magazinik, M.Sc.

PhD Student at CERN

CLIC “Industrialization of CLIC technologies and its societal impact”.

Oskari Willman, B.Sc.

Masters Student for AMMDA

AMMDA project with thesis topic: “Industrial collaboration within accelerator and detector mechanics at CERN”

Former group members

Antti Moilanen, M.Sc.

Technical student CERN
Project: CLIC “Development of a structural and thermal simulation model of the complete CLIC Module and related material behaviour simulations”

Anastasia Xydou, M.Sc.

PhD Student at University of Patras/Greece
Project: CLIC “Experimental and theoretical study of the thermal joining of the CLIC accelerating structure through bonding”