Finnish Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing Ecosystem

“Finnish Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing Ecosystem” is an umbrella organization providing a framework and continuity for our efforts in fostering the collaboration between Finnish Industry&Academia and Big Science projects. We run multiple third party funded programs, each contributing to our idea of creating a sustainable ecosystem, fostering the development of knowledge and international business opportunities for Finland. One of these programs is AMMDA.

“Advanced Mechanics and Materials for Detectors and Accelerators” (AMMDA) is seeking for identifying technology fields Detector Mechanics and Accelerator Technology and where expertise is already available/can be build up in academia and industry in Finland.  

There is a clear synergy between some of the needs for the future detector mechanics and the future colliders such as CLIC. These needs require work together with industry in order to develop and validate materials and/or manufacturing methods. This is where our Business Finland funded co-creation project hooks in.  

Our goal is to make AMMDA the first element of a series of projects aiming at sustainable R&D collaborations between CERN and Finnish industry and academia.