Hardware development for the CLIC study

The Compact LInear Collider (CLIC) study develops the CLIC two-beam technology for a multi-TeV electron positron collider in view of a decision on the future direction of the high energy frontier in the coming years. After the completion of its Conceptual Design Report (CDR) during 2012, the CLIC study has entered a new phase of technical development and optimization that has lead to a Project Implementation Plan (PIP) by 2018. The focus of the HIP contribution is on two aspects: on the understanding of the properties of the materials used during accelerator operation, Materials for accelerator technologies (MAT), an activity lead by Doc. F. Djurabekova and on manufacturing and testing of accelerator components and assemblies, Module, Structures and Manufacturing (MSM), an activity lead by Dr. M. Aicheler. The project obtained a “K-contract” with CERN essentially doubling the funding for the years 2015-20, and thus ensuring the current activities and even starting new ones.