HIP NEWS May 20th 2013

HIP NEWS May 20th 2013

To HIP staff in Kumpula:
To have office space for visitors and summer
students please inform mikko.sainio@hip.fi
for any extended absence (two weeks or more
continuously) during 20.5.-31.8. Thanks.

Tuesday 21 May 2013 at 10.15 in A315
Simon Caron-Huot (NBI, CPH)
When does the gluon reggeize

Abstract: I will discuss a novel class of Wilson line operators that are supported on a natural ‘completion’ of light cones. By a simple conformal transformation, these operators are shown to govern the high-energy limit of scattering amplitudes (Regge limit), in any CFT or near-CFT such as QCD in the ultraviolet, and their anomalous dimension is the BFKL kernel. In the talk I’ll use these operators to answer some basic questions regarding the structure of the Regge limit — for example, when do gluon-exchange amplitudes exhibit pure power-law energy dependence (Regge pole behavior)?

Thursday 23 May 2013 at 10.15 in A315
Daniel Litim (Sussex)
Pulling oneself over the fence: a bootstrap for quantum gravity

Abstract: Asymptotic freedom is a key ingredient in the successful construction of the Standard Model. It has been conjectured long ago that metric quantum gravity may as well fit into the picture – despite its notorious perturbative non-renormalisability – provided that the theory turns out to be asymptotically safe. We recall the underlying ideas and challenges, and contrast asymptotic freedom with asymptotic safety. We also propose a self-consistent search strategy for the latter and show new results for a simplified version of quantum gravity. Implications for the asymptotic safety conjecture are discussed.

REGISTRATION to CSC2013, CERN School of Computing
The 36th main summer school 19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus

S. Caron-Huot, 20.5. – 21.5. (KK)

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