HIP NEWS May 27th 2013

HIP NEWS May 27th 2013

To HIP staff in Kumpula:
To have office space for visitors and summer
students please inform mikko.sainio@hip.fi
for any extended absence (two weeks or more
continuously) during 20.5.-31.8. Thanks.

Tuesday 28 May 2013 at 10.15 in A315
Mario Schröck (Graz)
The effects of Dirac low-mode truncation on the hadron mass spectrum in lattice QCD

Abstract: Chiral symmetry breaking in Quantum Chromodynamics is associated with the low lying spectral modes of the Dirac operator according to the Banks-Casher relation. We investigate how removal of a variable number of low lying modes from the valence quark sector affects the masses of the ground states and first excited states of baryons and mesons in two flavor lattice QCD.

Wednesday 29 May 2013 at 10.15 in A315 (Note day!)
Owe Philipsen (Frankfurt)
Finite density QCD from an effective lattice theory

Abstract: QCD at finite baryon density is not amenable to Monte Carlo simulations because of the notorious Sign Problem. Apprxomiate methods to circumvent it have been developed but are restricted to small chemical potentials. Recently a new strategy utilising an effective theory has been presented, which is derived analytically from lattice QCD by combined strong coupling and hopping expansions. So far the effective theory is valid for heavy quarks only. However, its sign problem is mild and can be solved by complex Langevin methods. The deconfinement transition can be computed for all chemical potentials. Moreover, for the first time the transition to cold nuclear matter has been calculated from QCD directly.

REGISTRATION to CSC2013, CERN School of Computing
The 36th main summer school 19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus

G. Bergner 30.5. – 4.6.(DW)
D. Ghosh 4.5. – 16.6. (KH)
L. Marzola 28.5. – 30.5. (AH)
O. Philipsen 29.5. – 31.5. (KR)
M. Schröck 27.5. – 29.5. (DW)
H. Veermäe 28.5. – 30.5. (AH)

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