HIP NEWS June 4th 2013

HIP NEWS June 4th 2013
To HIP staff in Kumpula:
To have office space for visitors and summer
students please inform mikko.sainio@hip.fi
for any extended absence (two weeks or more
continuously) during 20.5.-31.8. Thanks.
Workshop on Cosmology
Cosmological perturbations post-Planck, workshop on the impact of Planck
satellite and other recent data on the study of cosmological
perturbations, 4-7 June, 2013, Helsinki, Finland. Location: seminar room
E207. HIP seminar room A315 and the Multifunctional Room A311 will be at
the disposal of the participants.
Big Data Seminar Invitation
The seminar “Big data, great science, small Finland: Our role in Global
Research Data Exchange” will be arranged in Kumpula on the 4th of June
2013 during the time 12-16.
Modern scientific developments require large infrastructures and they
generate enormous amounts of research data. The problems of Big Science
and Big Data need international viewpoints and common practices for
solution. The recent launch of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) brought
to the surface many new opportunities for global collaboration in the
field of research data.
There is clearly now a need in Finland to continue the discussion
between the researchers, e-Infrastructure providers and funding bodies,
which has already started during the TTA process.
The aim of this meeting is to initiate discussion on the development of
big science and big research in Finland and find the ways how we can
interact with the international community and position ourselves in
respect to the recent and future developments on research data
challenges, such as building interoperable research data systems and
research data exchange.
We kindly invite you to the event on the 4th June from 12:00 to 16:00,
room CK112, in Exactum at Kumpula Campus, Helsinki.
For the programme see this link:
REGISTRATION to CSC2013, CERN School of Computing
The 36th main summer school 19-30 August, Nicosia, Cyprus
G. Bergner 30.5. – 4.6.(DW)
D. Ghosh 4.5. – 16.6. (KH)
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