HIP NEWS November 18th 2013

HIP NEWS November 18th 2013

Nov 20 (Wed), 14:15 in A315
Shuang-Yong Zhou (Trieste)
Gravitational waves from oscillon/Q-ball preheating

Oscillons are long-lived, localized excitations of nonlinear scalar fields which may be copiously produced during preheating after inflation, leading to a possible oscillon-dominated phase in the early Universe. For example, this can happen after axion monodromy inflation, on which we run our simulations. We investigate the stochastic gravitational wave background associated with an oscillon-dominated phase. An isolated oscillon is spherically symmetric and does not radiate gravitational waves, and we show that the flux of gravitational radiation generated between oscillons is also small. However, a significant stochastic gravitational wave background may be generated during preheating itself (i.e, when oscillons are forming), and in this case the characteristic size of the oscillons is imprinted on the gravitational wave power spectrum, which has multiple, distinct peaks.
If time allows, I will also briefly mentioned on-going work about interlocked Q-balls and their gravitational wave production.

R. Foadi 4.11. – 19.11. (KT)
S. Niyogi 15.9.-15.12 (KH)
P. Pandita 4.11. – 21.11. (KH)
P. Prešnajder 18.11. – 2.12. (AT)
O. Taanila, 18.11. – 22.11. (AV)
S.-Y. Zhou, 19.11. – 21.11. (SN)

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