HIP NEWS November 25th 2013

HIP NEWS November 25th 2013

Tuesday 26 November 2013 at 10.15 in A315
Tommi Markkanen (Helsinki)
Applications of Curved Space Field Theory for Scalar Field Models of Inflation

Now in the wake of the Planck mission a demand for improving the predictions of standard
inflationary models has arisen. In this talk I will discuss the inclusion of quantum
corrections in the equations of motion for a scalar matter field present during inflation,
in the framework of curved space field theory. Among the key questions will be how to
perform proper renormalization at the equation of motion level, without referring to an
effective action. I will also present a quantum slow-roll calculation that incorporates the
important infrared effects of dynamical space-time and show how a re-summing of diagrams
cures a potential IR enhancement.

Wednesday 27 November 2013 at 14.15 in A315
Jacques Wagstaff (Hamburg)
Amplification of magnetic fields from turbulence in the early Universe

We investigate the turbulent small-scale dynamo mechanism for the amplification of a seed magnetic
field in the radiation era. Velocity perturbations in the primordial plasma are sourced by density perturbations.
On small scales we argue that turbulence becomes fully developed since the Reynolds numbers are
very large and eddy-flows interact effectively. Hence, we demonstrate that the conditions are right for efficient
dynamo amplification leading to large magnetic fields on small scales. Such fields could leave an imprint in
the black-body spectrum of the CMB which might be measurable with forthcoming telescopes such as PIXIE.

S. Niyogi 15.9.-15.12 (KH)
P. Prešnajder 18.11. – 2.12. (AT)
J. Wagstaff 25.11. – 29.11. (SN)

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