HIP NEWS February 10th 2014

HIP NEWS February 10th 2014

Election of the HIP staff representative in the HIP Board
The election days are at CERN 14.2. (Suomi -office at 10-12)
and in Kumpula 17.2. (in room A311 at 13-15).

The names put forward as candidates for staff representative
in the HIP Board are:

Tuomas Lappi (substitute Janne Pakarinen)

Kenneth Österberg

In the election one can vote any HIP member eligible to vote.

University of Helsinki Collegium
The representatives of the independent research institutes in the UH Collegium for the next 4-year period are Eero Castrén (Neuroscience Center) and Juha Äystö (Substitute member).

The 2014 European School of High-Energy Physics
Garderen, the Netherlands, 18.6.-1.7.2014
Application dead-line 14.2.2014, see

Swedish lunch in Kumpula
Practise your Swedish by having lunch with your colleagues 26.2.at
11.30, at restaurant Practikum in Kumpula! More information:
campuscoordinator Eva Åberg, eva.aberg@helsinki.fi

The first version of the Annual Report 2013
is available at
Please send corrections and missing material
to Christina.Helminen@helsinki.fi asap.

TUHAT database
Please check in the TUHAT database the status of your publications. Conference papers and scientific activities you are expected to feed in yourself. The refereed articles are taken care of by the library.

J. Kersten 17.2. – 18.2. (OL)
S. Yokoyama 24.2. – 7.3. (KE)

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