HIP NEWS February 17th 2014

HIP NEWS February 17th 2014

Please note voting date !
Election of the HIP staff representative in the HIP Board
The election days are at CERN 14.2. (Suomi -office at 10-12)
and in Kumpula 17.2. (in room A311 at 13-15).

The names put forward as candidates for staff representative
in the HIP Board are:

Tuomas Lappi (substitute Janne Pakarinen)

Kenneth Österberg

In the election one can vote any HIP member eligible to vote.

Tuesday 18 February 2014 at 10.15 in A315
Jörn Kersten (Hamburg)
New Physics in the Late Early Universe

Abstract: The measurements of the cosmic microwave background by the Planck satellite seem to confirm the standard LambdaCDM cosmological scenario. However, a closer look reveals some tension in this simple picture. There are hints for a larger radiation density than expected in the standard model (“dark radiation”). Planck results for some cosmological parameters do not agree completely with local measurements of these parameters at low redshift, which points to a hot dark matter component. Finally, the observed structures at relatively small scales do not quite agree with the predictions by simulations of structure formation. While all these problems might eventually be solved by astrophysics, they could also point to new physics beyond the standard models of particle physics and cosmology. I will discuss two scenarios for the latter, the production of dark radiation in late particle decays, and a model where the cold dark matter has self-interactions as well as interactions with sterile neutrinos.

Wednesday 19 February 2013 at 14.15 in A315
Shaun Hotchkiss (Sussex)
Voids, cosmology and the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect

More than half of the volume of the universe is made up of under-dense regions (“voids”). This means that light from distant objects spends the majority of its journey to us in voids. Therefore the analysis and classification of such voids (in both LCDM and other models) will be of great use in the era of precision large scale structure surveys we are about to enter. I will discuss methods that can be used to construct such catalogues, as well as listing various potential pitfalls that can (and have) occur(ed) when analysing voids. Regarding potential cosmological applications, I will make specific mention of the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect, where some results have been found that could be pointing to new physics (or they could just be a fluke).

Swedish lunch in Kumpula
Practise your Swedish by having lunch with your colleagues 26.2.at
11.30, at restaurant Practikum in Kumpula! More information:
campuscoordinator Eva Åberg, eva.aberg@helsinki.fi

The first version of the Annual Report 2013
is available at
Please send corrections and missing material
to Christina.Helminen@helsinki.fi asap.

Chancellor’s Travel Grants 2014
Researchers and teachers at the University of Helsinki may apply for Chancellor?s Travel Grants to cover the costs of foreign travel for
academic purposes. The deadline for applications is Friday, February 28, 2014, at 3:45 p.m.

Applications are submitted online through an electronic application form, which can be found at: http://helsinki.fi/aava/kansleri/.

The call announcement and further instructions on applying for the grant are available at Flamma: https://flamma.helsinki.fi/en/HY278530.

J. Kersten 17.2. – 18.2. (OL)
S. Hotchkiss 17.2. – 21.2 (SN)
S. Yokoyama 24.2. – 7.3. (KE)

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