HIP NEWS March 3rd 2014

HIP NEWS March 3rd 2014

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Tuesday 4 March 2014 at 10.15 in A315
Laura Covi (Göttingen)
SuperWIMPs at the LHC

Abstract: We will review the status of SuperWIMP Dark Matter and then discuss recent bounds and prospects at the LHC especially in the case of stop NLSP. We will then discuss an intriguing idea of connecting SuperWIMP gravitino DM with baryogenesis at the weak scale through R-parity breaking.

Monday 10 March 2014 at 10.15 in E206. Note place and time!
Miklos Långvik (Marseille)
Aspects of Locally Conformal Spinnetworks

Abstract: Spinnetworks are a 3d geometry employed as the kinematical states of Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) and Spin Foam (SF) models, the covariant counterpart to the Hamiltonian formulation of LQG. In this talk we explore a particular representation (all 3 Casimirs proportional) of the cotangent bundle of the double cover of the conformal group T*SU(2,2) that sits inside T*SL(2, C). We find that the generator of dilatations changes the extrinsic curvature of the triangulation, something we interpret as curving the edges of the tetrahedra of the triangulation. This has previously been suggested to account for the cosmological constant in the SF-models, which is currently described by the quantum group T*SL_q(2, C). We also discuss a possible extension of the construction to locally conformal spinnetworks that take into account all possible values of the 3 Casimirs of the conformal group. This talk will be preceded by a relatively lengthy introduction to both LQG and SF-models to highlight the main ideas behind the quantization of geometry and the particular constructions.

University of Helsinki and Aalto University:
Experiencing Finland Event, March 13, 2014
Newly arrived international staff and their family members are welcomed to the next Experiencing Finland event, taking place in Thursday 13 March 2014, at 17.00-19.30 at Töölö Towers.

For more details and registration please follow the link to Flamma:

Ms Tiina Kosunen
Head of Development, International Affairs, University of Helsinki

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