HIP NEWS March 10th 2014

HIP NEWS March 10th 2014

Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 10.15 in A315
Germano Nardini (Desy)
Higgs sector and collider signatures in the triplet extension of the MSSM

Abstract: The MSSM can accommodate the observed Higgs mass m_h ~ 126 GeV at the price of some unpleasant amount of tuning. This problem can be alleviated in scenarios with an enlarged field content. By requiring minimality, only two options are allowed to extend the MSSM: either a singlet or a SU(2)_L triplet can be added. This talk focuses on the latter possibility. In particular, we will discuss its Higgs sector and signatures at collider. Comments on loop-induced Higgs decays, as well as on constraints coming from dark matter analyses, will be also provided.

Wed 12 March at 14:15 in A315
Kjell Rosquist (Stockholm)
Evolution of cosmological models with discrete sources.

In this talk I will report on general relativistic cosmological models in which the sources are discrete. The distribution of the sources is assumed to be homogeneous and isotropic on large scales. Such models belong to the class of locally inhomogeneous models. One motivation for considering this kind of models is to obtain a closer correspondence with the actual universe as compared to models in which the matter is a fluid. The relation between the evolution of exactly homogeneous vs. locally inhomogeneous models is a nontrivial and difficult problem because of the nonlinear nature of the Einstein equations. In the talk I will give examples of discrete models in which the evolution is tracked by analytical and semi-analytical methods. Their relation to exactly homogeneous and isotropic (FLRW) models will also be discussed.

University of Helsinki and Aalto University:
Experiencing Finland Event, March 13, 2014
Newly arrived international staff and their family members are welcomed to the next Experiencing Finland event, taking place in Thursday 13 March 2014, at 17.00-19.30 at Töölö Towers.

For more details and registration please follow the link to Flamma:

Ms Tiina Kosunen
Head of Development, International Affairs, University of Helsinki

Physics Days 2014 is organized in Tampere Hall, on March 11-13, 2014.
The theme of the event is Physics in human life – breakthroughs in nanotechnology, biological sciences, and energy production. Special emphasis is laid on physics in entertainment industry and on career prospects for young physicists.

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