HIP NEWS August 11th 2014

HIP NEWS August 11th 2014

Thursday 14 August 2014 at 10.15 in A315
Timo Alho (Jyväskylä)
Thermodynamics of holographic models for QCD in the Veneziano limit

Abstract: We have studied the thermodynamics of a class of holographic bottom-up models for QCD in the limit where both Nc and Nf go to infinity such that their ratio is finite. These Veneziano QCD -models incorporate a gravity-dilaton system to model the glue dynamics and a scalar tachyon for the fermion degrees of freedom. We have solved the system with full backreaction at finite temperature and finite chemical potential, allowing a determination of the chiral and deconfining transitions. I will also discuss ongoing work in modeling the low-temperature hadron gas phase.

Thursday 14 August 2014 at 14.15 in A315
Matthias Ihl (Porto)
Holographic Bilayer/Monolayer Phase Transitions

Abstract: In the present talk, I will discuss the phase structure of bilayer and monolayer phases in the (2+1)-dimensional defect field theory whose gravity dual is obtained by embedding D5/anti-D5 probe flavour branes in the singular conifold. We study in detail the embedding equations and compare the free energies of the resulting
configurations at non-zero temperature and external magnetic field perpendicular to the defects. Moreover, we analyse the meson spectrum and confirm the stability of the single bilayer solution.

Tekes: Calls for proposals in 2014
Tekes, the Finnish technology funding agency, has several calls for research funding and workshops for information and networking in fall 2014. Some of the headlines are in Finnish only.
Please ask more information from Maarit Haataja. You can also find additional information on Flamma pages.

Finnish for foreigners: registration for autumn 2014 courses has begun
Register in advance by 11 August.

D. Bödeker 13.8. – 16.8. (KR)
G. von Gersdorff 30.8. – 4.9. (AV)
Y. Tada 19.8. – 24.8. (KE)
A. Tranberg 14.8. – 16.8. (KR)

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