HIP NEWS August 18th 2014

HIP NEWS August 18th 2014

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Väisälä Foundation fellowships open for application during 15.8.-26.9.2014, see www.acadsci.fi.

Tuesday 19 August 2014 at 10.15 in A315
Tommi Markkanen (Helsinki)
Spacetime curvature and the Higgs stability during inflation

Abstract: It is currently widely accepted that for a high scale of inflation the EW Higgs vacuum is unstable due to large fluctuations of order H. However, this conclusion is reached by neglecting potentially significant effects induced by the spacetime curvature. In this talk I review the derivation of a one-loop SM Higgs effective potential in curved space and discuss its implications. In particular I will show that generally a large curvature mass is generated which can stabilize the potential against fluctuations induced by inflation.

Tekes: Calls for proposals in 2014
Tekes, the Finnish technology funding agency, has several calls for research funding and workshops for information and networking in fall 2014. Some of the headlines are in Finnish only.
Please ask more information from Maarit Haataja. You can also find additional information on Flamma pages.

Finnish for foreigners: registration for autumn 2014 courses has begun
Register in advance by 11 August.

F. Hehl 18.8. – 12.9. (AT)
G. von Gersdorff 30.8. – 4.9. (AV)
T. Koivisto 18.8. – 22.8. (KR, KE)
Y. Tada 19.8. – 22.8. (KE)

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