HIP to host a Tekes FiDiPro research project

HIP to host a Tekes FiDiPro research project

Among the 12 new FiDiPro research projects, which Tekes have decided to fund, is the “Novel instrumentation for Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards” (NINS3)  project hosted by HIP. The FiDiPro – Finland Distinguished Professor  – Programme facilitates bringing highly merited scientists to Finland as visiting professors.
The NINS3 project is led by the FiDiPro Professor Peter Dendooven from the KVI-Center for Advanced Radiation Technology (KVI-CART) at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Dendooven is a world-class expert on novel instrumentation for the detection of ionizing radiation. He will bring in new knowledge not available in Finland on advanced imaging and tomography techniques.

The project will perform top-level research and development in a few well-chosen and nationally important topics in nuclear safety, security and safeguards while strengthening the Finnish industry in this domain by transferring the knowledge gained to companies.
The topics cover tomography of spent nuclear fuel, radiation threat detection and imaging from a distance, and interrogation of unknown objects.
The complementary project partners are HIP, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK, Tampere University of Technology TUT, the FiDiPro, and a consortium of companies in Finland involved in or in need of radiation measurements.

Tekes announcement:


Peter Dendooven, KVI-CART, University of Groningen, dendooven [at] kvi.nl
Paula Eerola, HIP, University of Helsinki, paula.eerola [at] helsinki.fi

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